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Motorcycles account for just 1% of road traffic, but 19% of traffic deaths each year are motorcyclists. Motorcycle safety is nothing to take lightly. By taking extra precautions, fatal road collisions can be avoided.


Automobile Drivers

Taking a few extra seconds out of your day to look for bikes could potentially save lives. 69% of reported motorbike crashes in Europe are caused by other road users not seeing the motorcyclist.

Here are some things to consider while driving your automobile on the road.

  • Keep your distance from motorcycles

You should not follow a motorcyclist as closely as you would follow a car. A less experienced motorcyclist may become intimidated, and it could be dangerous if traffic stops suddenly.

  • Check for bikes when changing lanes

Since a bike is much smaller than a car, motorcycles can get lost in your blind spot. You should check all mirrors, or even briefly turn your head, before merging into a different lane.

  • Check for bikes when turning

Parked cars might obstruct your view of a motorcyclist. Make sure the street is clear before turning. These rules also apply for pulling out at a junction.

  • Park safely

If you are parked on the street, check for motorcyclists before opening your car door. You should also look for motorcyclists before you pull out of a parking space.



There are additional things motorcyclists should do to protect themselves on the road.

  • Stay alert

You should anticipate the actions of other drivers. This means being hypervigilant in observing the world around you. You should also position yourself on the road to maximise your visibility.

  • Wear the right gear

If an accident occurs, there is nothing between your body and the tarmac. If you’re wearing jeans, they will be shredded in seconds. Protective jackets, gloves, boots and trousers are a must. You should also choose the best possible helmet for protection.

  • Improve your driving skills

Before subjecting yourself to the dangers of the road, be sure that your skills are up to par and you’re fully aware of all street laws for motorcycles. Riding a bike is just plain fun, but you should know your own capabilities. The UK is full of brilliant trainers who can help motorcyclists of any experience level to improve their skills.


I hope this article has made you feel more empowered as a motorcyclist, not more fearful. Many people ride motorcycles for a lifetime without serious injury. With all drivers being more aware of their surroundings, fatal injuries can be avoided on the road.